What to Do When the Car Battery is Dead?

If the car battery is dead, the ignition will not work. I believe many car users will also encounter this problem. Let’s talk about what to do if the car battery is dead


  • car battery wiring


  1. Prepare the special connection wire below. It is best not to find a wire at random, but to find a wire specially used to connect the car battery
  2. Open the hood of your car. Generally, the handle is on the lower left of the steering wheel. When you pull the handle, the hood will pop open automatically, and then use the bracket to set up the hood. Find the positive and negative poles of the battery, usually the red positive pole and the black negative pole, and then clamp the red and black clips corresponding to the wires. Halford Discount Codes NHS
  3. The other end of the wire corresponds to the positive and negative poles of the battery of the rescue vehicle, so that the power connection operation is completed.
  4. Next, the rescue vehicle can be launched, so that electric energy can be transmitted from the rescue vehicle to the vehicle that is depleted of electricity. After about ten minutes, you can try to see if it can catch fire. If it works, you can remove the wires and put the hood back on. Happy on the road. .
  5. If it is a manual transmission car, it is also possible to shift to the second gear and push the car behind. The driver keeps firing at the car, and other personnel push the car forward behind the car. Prompt the wheel to turn to provide the electric power to start the ignition. However, this method is not very safe and is not recommended to try.
  6. If you have no relevant experience, of course the best way is to contact the 4S shop or road rescue company as soon as possible.


  1. Usually remember to start the car from time to time, it also needs a lot of time to work longer. If it is kept still, the standby power consumption of the circuit inside the car will continue to consume battery power, which will eventually lead to failure to ignite.
  2. Remember to check and turn off all electrical appliances in the car every time before leaving the car

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How to change the battery of the car remote control

Every car will be equipped with a car remote control. Using a car remote control can better protect the safety of our car and the belongings in the car. Many friends do not know how to replace the battery of the car remote control.

The following editor will introduce the method of replacing the battery of the car remote control, hoping to help everyone.


  1. Press the button on the back of the remote control and take out the key from the remote control.
  2. Use a screwdriver to open the key catch and score the key along the opening.
  3. Take out the old battery and observe the battery model number.
  4. Install the old battery model to buy a new battery, replace the new battery, compact the new battery, and be careful not to touch the circuit board on the other side.
  5. Press the remote control firmly with your hand.
  6. Put the key back in to successfully replace the car remote battery.

How to classify car batteries

Cars are very common means of transportation now. Different cars have different batteries. Let’s take a look at the types of car batteries and how to classify them


  1. Today’s cars mainly use batteries. But different batteries have different uses. The battery of a car is a starter battery. This battery can be used not only for cars, but also for starting and lighting of motorcycles, tractors, diesel engines and other equipment.
  2. In addition to starter batteries, there are other types of batteries. For example, cars from forklifts and forklifts use traction batteries; electric vehicles, passenger cars, etc. use railway batteries.
  3. A good car battery must have a relatively strong starting current, which affects the use of on-board electrical appliances and the power system. The performance of the battery must be stable to be considered a good battery, and the service life and cost performance of the battery are also very important. Moreover, the conductivity and corrosion resistance of the battery are better than ordinary batteries, and the high temperature and low temperature resistance are particularly good.
  4. Generally speaking, the batteries used in current cars can be used for 2-3 years. Because the batteries of new cars are original, the service life will be longer, more than 3 years. If the usage habits are better, it is not impossible for the battery life to reach 4 years.Euro Car Parts NHS Discount Code at NHS Discount Code
  5. When choosing a battery, it depends on what the car’s original battery is. Mainly speaking, the grade is not the most important thing. Whether the performance is intact.

What Are the New Energy Vehicle Batteries

  1. My country is currently vigorously developing new energy vehicles, and has also made some breakthroughs, especially in many big cities (such as Beijing, Guiyang, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, etc.), the implementation of the license restriction policy has made new energy vehicles become more and more popular. The best choice for more car buyers.
  2. As a new energy vehicle, batteries are essential, but most people only care about the pure electric cruising range of electric vehicles when buying a car, but ignore the core power of electric vehicles – the type of battery.
  3. Taking the popular new energy vehicles on the market as examples, the following will take you on a journey of purchasing new energy vehicles starting from the battery type and its advantages and disadvantages.

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