How to Divide EML Folder in Multiple Outlook Files?

Divide EML folder in multiple Outlook files

allmarketingupdate: Want to divide EML folder in multiple Outlook files? Then here we provide two ways to easily split EML folder into PST files. If you want to export EML files quickly, use SysTools software to convert EML to PST files.

EML files are the most commonly used file format for storing email messages. It is used in almost all email clients, such as Outlook, Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, Apple Mail, etc. The EML file allows the user to store a single email along with its meta properties like sender and recipient addresses, date of the email, and subject. Content of the body and attachment

Nowadays, users save many emails in EML folder and import them into Outlook. By doing this, a huge PST file is created, which becomes difficult to manage and causes many problems. To resolve this issue, divide EML folder in multiple Outlook files. This makes it easier to manage the files, and no problems will occur. Moreover, it can also protect your EML files from being corrupted.

Methods to Divide EML Folder in Multiple Outlook Files

You know how to open EML files in Outlook by using the drag-and-drop method. Similarly, you can also split an EML folder into PST files with this method. The method is free to use. However, it takes more time to move the files. Therefore, for fast conversion, you can use the software. The software is one of the third-party tools that converts bulk EML files in just a few minutes. Hence, to divide EML folder in multiple Outlook files, you can use

  • Manual method: we one by one drag the EML file and drop it in the Outlook folder.
  • Third-party tool: use the help of software to convert EML files into multiple files.

Manual Method to Split EML folder into PST Files

If you have a few EML files that you want to move into Outlook, then this method is good. Follow the steps given below to divide EML folder in multiple Outlook files.

  • First of all, open your EML folder, which you have to move in Outlook.
  • Then, go to Outlook and create a new folder. Name the folder.
  • Select the EML file to transfer to the newly created Outlook folder.
  • Drag the file and drop it into your Outlook folder.
  • Again, create a new folder and name it so that you can save another EML file in it. Drag the file and drop it into the folder you have created.
  • Repeat the same steps to split EML folder into PST files.

Limitations of the Manual Method

This method is very easy and free, but despite that, there are a lot of flaws in it. Some of them are

  • First, it is a time-consuming process. As you have to manually transfer the EML files to the Outlook folder and repeat this again.
  • During the process, there is no 100% guarantee that all your data will be preserved.
  • By doing this method by hand, the chances of human error are high.
  • This method is not suitable for divide EML folder in multiple Outlook files.

Hence, there is another method that can overcome these drawbacks, and you can split EML folder into multiple PST files.

Divide EML Folder in Multiple Outlook files using Third-party Tool

In this method, we use the software to split EML folder into PST files. Here, the software can easily convert bulk EML files into PST without any difficulties. Moreover, it also provides various features.

Features of Software

  • The first feature is that it can split your resulting PST file into multiple files.
  • You can also create a separate PST for each folder.
  • It generates previews of your files in different modes, such as HEX, MIME, HTML, Normal, etc.
  • There is an option to export selected files by data range filter.
  • Users can download this software for Windows as well as Mac systems.

Steps to Convert EML Files into PST

  1. First, download and launch the software.
  2. After opening the software, you can see the list of folders on the left side of the screen.
  3. Select the EML folder you want to divide EML folder in multiple Outlook files.
  4. Preview the EML files, and after that, click on the Export option to start the process of conversion.
  5. In the export type, select the PST option. Click on the Advance setting.
  6. Click on Split PST File and select the size into which you want to divide your files. Click on Save.
  7. Click on the Browse button, and provide a destination for your saved files.
  8. At last, click on the Create Separate PST for Each Folder option and then the Export option.


A user who has large number of EML files in the folder and doesn’t want to save all the files in one PST file. So, this article is very helpful. Here we discuss two methods to divide EML folder in multiple Outlook files. The first is manual, and the second is a third-party tool. Both are good solutions to split EML folder into PST files. But the tool method is better than the manual one. Now, if you have any problems regarding splitting the EML folder, you can easily do this by using these methods.

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